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MUSC College of Dental Medicine

In 1952 the South Carolina Dental Association recommended that a school of dentistry be established as a unit of the Medical College of South Carolina. The state legislature authorized the development of the School of Dental Medicine the following year, but it was not until 1964 that the legislature provided the funds to implement the 1953 authorization. In 1964 John Buhler was appointed dean of the school of dentistry and the school operated in temporary quarters, primarily in Colcock Hall. The school’s new building, the Basic Sciences/College of Dental Medicine building, was ready for occupancy in December 1970. The first students were admitted in 1967, and the first class of twenty-one students received D.M.D. degrees in June 1971.

Dates of Service Name of Dean
1964 - 1971 John Embich Buhler, DDS
1971 Herbert Clell Butts, DDS, Acting
1971-1975 John Joseph Sharry, DMD
1975-1988 Arthur Lee Haisten, DDS
1988-1992 Walter Wiggs Fingar, DDS
1993 Richard William DeChamplain, DMD, Acting
1993-2004 Richard William DeChamplain, DMD
2004 John J. Sanders, DDS, Interim
2005 - John J. Sanders, DDS