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College of Graduate Studies

College of Graduate Studies, Founded 1949

Graduate instruction in the basic sciences was offered for the first time in 1949 with programs in anatomy, chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. A program in microbiology was added the following year. The first Master of Science degree was conferred in 1951; the Doctor of Philosophy degree was awarded for the first time in 1952. A Committee on Graduate Studies managed graduate training programs until 1965 when the School of Graduate Studies was formally organized as the fourth branch of the institution (joining Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing). Graduate programs in biometry were initiated in 1970, molecular and cellular biology and pathobiology in 1978, pharmaceutical sciences in 1982, and environmental sciences in 1994.

The College of Graduate Studies began as a Graduate Committee of the School of Medicine in 1949 with Dr. Fredrick W. Kinard as Chairman and the first students admitted in 1950. This program became the School of Graduate Studies in 1965.

Chairmen and Deans and Dates of Service
1949 - 1965 Fredrick William Kinard, MD, PhD, Chairman
1965 - 1977 Fredrick William Kinard, MD, PhD, Dean
1977 - 1989 John Workman Zemp, PhD, Dean
1989 - 1991 Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, PhD, Acting
1991 - 1999 Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, PhD, Dean
1999 - 2000 Barry E. Ledford, PhD, Interim
2000 - 2013 Perry V. Halushka, MD, PhD, Dean
2013 - 2015 Jacqueline F. McGinty, PhD, Interim
2015 - Paula Traktman, PhD, Dean