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MUSC College of Nursing

College of Nursing, Founded 1883

The College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina had its origin in 1882 when the City Council of Charleston approved a request by the City Hospital for $2,000 to establish a "Training School for Nurses," The school was opened in 1883 (first students accepted in 1884) and continued operating at the City Hospital until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1886. It was reestablished as "The Charleston Training School" in 1895. A two-year program of instruction was offered, with some lectures given by the Medical College Faculty. In 1904 Roper Hospital took over administration of the program until 1916, when the Board of Commissioners of the Roper Hospital proposed the incorporation of the Training School with the Medical College. In 1919 the Roper Training School for Nurses became the School of Nursing of the Medical College of the State of South Carolina and expanded to a three-year diploma program. In 1966 the School of Nursing began to phase out the three-year program and established a four-year baccalaureate program leading to the B.S. in Nursing. In 1976 the College of Nursing began to offer a Master of Science in Nursing program. The College of Nursing launched a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing in 2001.

From 1884 until 1924 the school was headed by a superintendent

Names of Superintendents, Directors and Deans and Dates of Service
1884 - 1886 Florence Jones, City Hospital, Superintendent
1890 - 1892 Miss ______ Baker, City Hospital, Superintendent
1895 - 1904 Leila V. Jones, City Hospital, Superintendent
1904 Miss ______ Ziegler, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1904 - 1907 Miss S. B. Marshall, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1907 - 1908 Marion Utes, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1908 Leila V. Jones, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
Anastasia McConnell, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1912 Rosa Issertelle, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
Kathryn McKenzie, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1914 Miss M. E. Hosier, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
Lola Todd, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1916 Alice B. Commer, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1917 Lola Todd, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1918 Alice B. Commer, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
Leila V. Jones, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1919 Belle Maggi, Roper Hospital, Superintendent
1920 Belle Maggi, SNMCSC, Superintendent
Miss L. J. Napier, SNMCSC, Superintendent
1921 Margaret F. James, SNMCSC, Superintendent
Georgia Riley, SNMCSC, Superintendent
Annie W. Lauman, SNMCSC, Superintendent
1924 - 1948 Marguerite Andell, RN, Director
1948 - 1953 Ruth Chamberlin, MA, RN, Director
1952 - 1965 Ruth Chamberlin, MA, RN, Dean
1965 - 1969 H. Elizabeth Mills, MA, RN, Dean
1969 - 1984 Marcia Curtis, EdD, MN, RN, Dean
1984 - 1986 Faith J. Hohloch, EdD, RN, Acting
1986 - 1994 Sharon Elizabeth Davidson Hoffman, PhD, MBA, RN, Dean
1994 - 1995 Joan L. Creasia, PhD, RN, Interim
1995 - 2001 Maureen Keefe, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean
2001 - Gail W. Stuart, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean