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MUSC College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy, founded 1882

By faculty resolution, resulting in an amendment to the charter in 1881, the Medical College created a Department of Pharmacy that was the first of its kind in the Deep South. The School of Pharmacy was organized in 1881, with students admitted a year later. The program was discontinued after two years, then resumed on a permanent basis in 1894, offering the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy. The program leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was begun in 1936. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree program was begun in 1973, and a PhD program in pharmaceutical sciences was initiated in 1982 (the latter administered through the MUSC College of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the University of South Carolina.) The MUSC College of Pharmacy, which has been in continuous service since 1894, matriculated its final class under the current program of study in 2005. It will continue to operate as an individual College under the aegis of the Medical University of South Carolina until graduation of the class of 2009. Simultaneously, with the 2004 approval of the MUSC and USC Boards of Trustees, the College of Pharmacy is integrating with the University of South Carolina to form a joint program through the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) beginning with its first matriculated class in August 2006.

Names of Directors/Deans and Years of Service
1894 - 1913 Edward S. Burnham, PharmD, Director
1913 - 1943 Washington Hayne Zeigler, PharmD, Director
1943 - 1951 William Allen Prout, PharmD, Director
1951 - 1965 William Allen Prout, PharmD, Dean
1965 - 1994 William Hersh Golod, PhD, Dean
1994 - 1999 Johnnie L. Early II, PhD, Dean
1999 - 2000 John F. Cormier, PharmD, Interim
2000 - 2004 John F. Cormier, PharmD, Dean
2004 - 2006 Arnold W. Karig, PhD, Interim
2005- Randall Rowan, PharmD
Interim USC Campus Dean for the S. C. College of Pharmacy
2006 - 2010 Arnold W. Karig, PhD
MUSC Campus Dean for the S. C. College of Pharmacy
2005- Joseph T. DiPiro, PharmD
Executive Dean for the S. C. College of Pharmacy

2011 - Philip D. Hall, PharmD
MUSC Campus Dean for the S. C. College of Pharmacy