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MUSC Motto, Seal, and School Colors



Auget Largiendo

Freely translated the motto means "She (the university) enriches by giving generously."



When the University adopted this basic design in the mid-1960s, it replaced the one that had been in use since 1832.

The University seal bears the name of the Medical University of South Carolina in abbreviated Latin and the date of its opening in 1824. The seal pictures a kneeling figure who is kindling a torch from a flame on an altar, on which is inscribed Deo Salutifero, "to the health-bringing god." Ovid uses the adjective Salutifer to refer to Aesculapius, god of medicine. Above the figure can be seen the rays of the sun which symbolize Apollo, god of the sun and of healing, and father of Aesculapius. Finally, the inscription, Auget Largiendo, freely translated means "She (the university) enriches by giving generously."

  School Colors

Black and Gold