With Integrity and Dignity: The Life of James W. Colbert, Jr., M.D.
“Tremendous change has been experienced in the State of South Carolina, in all aspects of life.  The Medical University is certainly no exception.  It’s not merely the growth in the number of students, faculty members and physical facilities.  It goes a great deal deeper.  It is the innovative programs around the state, the training and re-training projects.  It is making our institution attractive enough to get some really top people from around the country to join our faculty.  It’s all these things and much more.  We are not standing still.  We’re moving at a tremendous pace.”  James W. Colbert, Jr., M.D.  

James W. Colbert, Jr., M.D. was a man with a clear vision for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  Believing in the great potential of MUSC, Dr. Colbert dedicated his five years with the Medical University to expanding its stature and reputation beyond South Carolina. By recruiting exceptional faculty and staff, expanding research activities, and improving its academic programs, Dr. Colbert laid the groundwork that guided the University into the twenty-first century.   Though his life was tragically cut short, Dr. Colbert’s lasting impact on MUSC is still seen and felt today. This exhibit tells the story of Dr. Colbert’s life and career through archival records, photographs, and oral history interviews.