Building a Medical Center:

The Construction of the 1955 Medical College Hospital


Dr. Lynch’s Expansion Program marked the beginning of a period of extensive physical growth. With the opening of the 1955 Hospital the Medical College embarked on a period of rapid expansion that continues to the present day. The purchase of the Porter Military Academy in 1963 provided the university with land on which to build the Basic Science/Dental Medicine Building and the Library-Administration Building in the early 1970s. During President James B. Edwards’s administration (1982-1999) numerous buildings were constructed including the Children’s Hospital as well as the Children’s Research Institute, the Institute of Psychiatry, the Hollings Cancer Center, the Strom Thurmond Biomedical Research Center and Gazes Cardiac Institute. President Raymond Greenberg (2000-2013) oversaw the building of the Ashley River Tower and the new Dental Clinic while President David Cole has begun fundraising for the Women and Children’s Hospital. It’s this tradition of expansion that provides MUSC with the physical resources to support quality healthcare and research breakthroughs for the citizens of South Carolina and across the nation.