In Their Own Words: Media Coverage

Joyce A. Townes

“I’ll tell you about the time we left the hospital for Christmas. He wanted to come home for Christmas, so we got him out and we started down the room and this lady was pushing the buggy with his suitcase and all. And we got to the steps and she helped me get him down the steps to the car and I put him in the car and we took off and Bill said, “Joyce, where’s my suitcase?” and we had to turn around, we circled the block and went back to the hospital and got his suitcase. They took our picture all the way down the hall in that hospital. It was very irritating, you know. You were nervous and wasn’t [sic] expecting it. I don’t know how they knew and they took us walking all the way down the hall, down the steps, it was on the news that night in Charleston. I thought the nurse had his suitcase because she had been pushing it, you know. So we got in the car and left and didn’t have a suitcase. We had to go back for it.”