Educate and Inspire:
The MUSC College of Nursing

Excellence in the 21st Century

The College of Nursing has embraced the challenges of delivering health care in the 21st century in exciting and innovative ways. The College offers the largest accelerated baccalaureate program in South Carolina and our doctoral nurse graduates fuel the pipeline for the nurse educators and nurse researchers in such high demand throughout the country.

The College has set the pace as a leader in educational innovation. In fall 2003 online courses were first offered and by the fall of 2006 the PhD program was entirely online in order to serve nurses across the state of South Carolina and beyond who are interested in a career as a research scientist or educator.

In June 2008, the MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center opened on the first floor of the College of Nursing. Supported by the MUSC Board of Trustees and funded with state appropriations, this lab promotes collaboration among interprofessional faculty from MUSC, Clemson, the University of South Carolina, and Greenville Technical College among others.

Community outreach is central to the work of College of Nursing faculty. Programs such as the Center for Community Health Partnerships mobilize and engage communities by focusing on four interactive elements: partnership, participation, prevention and power.

Another dynamic aspect of contemporary life in the College is its focus on innovation and technology that is integrated in all three missions of education, research and practice. The College is setting the pace for dynamic learning and improving health care quality through many faculty initiatives and its Technology Application Center for Healthful Lifestyles.

Today the College of Nursing is characterized by hands and hearts, brains and brawn, will-power and “work-wiser.” Without a doubt, the challenges facing nursing on a national level have never been more compelling, but today the MUSC College of Nursing is Taking Nursing to a Higher Level and we are fully engaged in envisioning the future.