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MEDICA@MUSC Submission Guide and Resources

Include your work in MEDICA

MEDICA@MUSC encourages Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) faculty, staff, and students to upload their articles, dissertations, and other scholarly works for inclusion in the institutional repository. Explore this page for more information concerning your rights and institutional repositories, and follow the steps in the guide below to upload your work.

What can you contribute?

MEDICA@MUSC provides access to the creative and scholarly output of MUSC. Current collections include manuscripts, peer-reviewed articles, pre-prints, book chapters, poster presentations, dissertations/theses, and departmental newsletters. If you are interested in contributing formats that do not fit into the current collections, such as, audio/video recordings, photographs, classroom resources, datasets, gray literature, etc. contact for more information. If it is not currently in a digital format, we may be able to digitize it for inclusion.

View the list of current collections to which you may submit your work below for more details.

MUSC Conference Papers

MUSC Conference Papers features papers presented by MUSC faculty, staff, and students at local, regional, national, and international conferences.

MUSC Conference Presentations

MUSC Conference Presentations features presentations delivered by MUSC faculty, staff, and students at local, regional, national, and international conferences.

MUSC Faculty Bookshelf

MUSC Faculty Bookshelf is a collection of published books and book chapters edited, authored, and co-authored by the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). This collection covers a range of topics and reflects the extensive research and scholarly output of MUSC faculty.

MUSC Faculty Journal Articles

MUSC Faculty Journal Articles is a collection of published research articles authored and co-authored by faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina. Articles cover a range of topics and were originally published from 1974 to 2008 in The Journal of Neuroscience, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, BMC Bioinformatics, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, and The Journal of Experimental Medicine.

MUSC Poster Presentations

The MUSC Poster Presentations collection includes posters created by MUSC faculty and staff. The posters are generally created for presentation at conferences and other forums. The posters are presented in MEDICA as pdf files.

MUSC Theses and Dissertations

The MUSC Theses and Dissertations collection brings the work of MUSC students to a broader audience. Publishing dissertations in an open access format such as MEDICA ensures that student research is not limited to a local audience.

Depositing Your Work in MEDICA@MUSC in Digital Commons

The new process for submitting your work to MUSC's institutional repository has changed significantly. Depositing your work into MEDICA@MUSC in Digital Commons requires a few crucial steps to ensure that your work and any access stipulations you desire to set are properly represented. Follow the MEDICA@MUSC Submission Guide, which provides clear and concise instructions, to contribute your work.

To prepare, gather the items in the Submission Checklist in the next section and check the MEDICA@MUSC Submission Guide for checklist items based on your submission type (i.e., journal article, poster, etc.). Finally, to initiate the submission process, complete the MEDICA@MUSC Submission Request form. Access to the form requires an MUSC Net ID and password.

Submission Checklist

Before you begin contributing your work to MEDICA@MUSC, please be sure you have the following pieces of information ready (where applicable):

  • The names of all authors (required);
  • The complete article title (required);
  • Title of manuscript;
  • Journal title, journal volume, issue page number, and publication date (for journal articles);
  • Manuscript file(s): (Word (DOC/DOCX), PDF, or Rich Text files (RTF) formats);
  • A list of up to 10 keywords (Recommended);
  • Abstract (Recommended);
  • Embargo end date: how long after publication before the journal article can be made available in MEDICA@MUSC (this may be specified in your agreement with the publisher) (Optional); and
  • MEDICA@MUSC IR Submission Request and Consent PDF (emailed to submitter after MEDICA@MUSC Submission Request form submitted and permission obtained from authors of the work). For more details, refer to the MEDICA@MUSC Submission Guide in the previous section.

For thesis and dissertation submissions, check with your college to make sure that you are adhering to formatting guidelines. Also, make sure that the copy of the dissertation or thesis that you submit contains the date of defense, degree, and the names of your committee members.

For additional assistance, email