Deans to the College of Graduate Studies
1949 - 1965 Dr. Fredrick William Kinard, Chairman
1965 - 1977 Dr. Fredrick William Kinard, Dean
1977 - 1989 Dr. John Workman Zemp, Dean
1989 - 1991 Dr. Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, Acting Dean
1991 - 1999 Dr. Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, Dean
1999 - 2000 Dr. Barry E. Ledford, Interim Dean
2000 - Present Dr. Perry V. Halushka, Dean

Fredrick William Kinard, Ph.D

Fredrick William Kinard, Ph.D. arrived at the Medical College in 1927 as a member of the Department of Physiology in the College of Medicine. 

In 1949 he was appointed chairman of the Graduate Committee of the College of Medicine, which developed the programs that lead to the awarding of the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees. As chairman, he worked to integrate the graduate programs into the overall mission of the college. 

When the School of Graduate Studies was established in 1965, Dr. Kinard was appointed the first dean. 

John Workman Zemp, Ph.D.

John Workman Zemp, Ph.D. joined MUSC in 1969 as an assistant professor of biochemistry and psychiatry rising to professor in 1974.  

He received an M.S. from the Medical College of South Carolina and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina.  

He held several administrative positions during his tenure as a faculty member, most notably serving as acting vice-president for academic affairs and acting dean, College of Medicine, before becoming dean of the College of Graduate Studies in 1977.

Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, Ph.D.

Rosalie Kelsey Crouch, Ph.D. joined MUSC in 1975 as a faculty member in the College of Medicine’s Departments of Ophthalmology and Biochemistry. 

By 1982 she had earned the title of professor. In 1989 Dr. Crouch was appointed acting dean of the College of Graduate Studies and became its dean in 1991. 

She held the title of dean concurrently with her 1995 appointment as the College of Medicine’s associate provost for research until 2000,  at which time she became the Medical University’s first female provost  and vice-president for academic affairs.

1999 - 2000 Dr. Barry E. Ledford, Interim Dean

Perry V. Halushka, Ph.D., M.D.

Perry V. Halushka, Ph.D., M.D. joined MUSC in 1974 as an assistant professor of pharmacology and medicine and rose to become professor of pharmacology and medicine.  

In 2000 he was appointed dean of the College of Graduate Studies. As dean, he worked with the faculty to implement a common entry and core curriculum system for the first-year graduate students.  This change nearly doubled the number of applicants to the college, significantly increased the quality of students accepted, and led to the successful funding of a large number of extramural training grants.

Since 1987 he has also been director of the Medical Scientist Training Program, which enables students to obtain both the M.D.  and Ph.D. degrees.