Pre-Storm Preparations

In Their Own Words

William H. Golod, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy

...we already knew that in heavy rains, just heavy rains at high tides, water came into the first floor of the college...

Sherry Gillespie Miller, R.N., Children’s Hospital

...we created the very first emergency day care center...

M. David McDaniel, Children’s Hospital Pharmacy

...we had no place to transfer those sick, sick kids.

Victor E. Del Bene, M.D., Medical Center

…we started to worry about the storm a few days ahead of time…

Gail Stuart, Ph.D., R.N., Institute of Psychiatry

We stocked up on peanut butter and bread...

H. Biemann Othersen, Jr., M.D., Children’s Hospital

...the governor had ordered a mandatory evacuation.

Peter B. Rock, Carpentry Shop

We actually theoretically abandoned outlying buildings.

Hal S. Currey, Insitute of Psychiatry

...we discharged as many patients as we could...

Fred A. Crawford, M.D., Department of Surgery

...we had decided to divide into two shifts...

Tony von Kolnitz, Engineering and Facilities

...we gave the Wellness Center to Hugo.