About Neill W. Macaulay

500x500 Neill Webster Macaulay was born in 1904 in Oconee County, South Carolina, to Neill Webster and Henrietta Ovaline Holleman Macaulay. After graduating from the Atlanta-Southern Dental College (later Emory University) in 1926, he moved to Columbia, South Carolina, where he practiced dentistry for thirty years.

Dr. Macaulay was an early and active member of the South Carolina Dental Association, making his first professional presentation in 1928 and serving as the group’s secretary from 1928 to 1932. He continued to serve the association as a member of its Board of Examiners from 1933 to 1938, as historian from 1945 to 1954, as president from 1956 to 1957, and editor of the Journal of the South Carolina Dental Association from 1960 to 1967.

500x500 In 1940 Dr. Macaulay enlisted in the National Guard; he was granted the rank of captain and billeted with the Medical Detachment of the 263rd Coastal Artillery, stationed at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.

500x500 As secretary of the South Carolina Regional Education Board, Dr. Macaulay worked to place dozens of South Carolina students in out-of-state dental schools. Meanwhile, he labored tirelessly to establish a dental school in South Carolina. His dream was realized in 1967 when the first class was admitted to what is now known as the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine at MUSC. Dr. Macaulay served as a member of the MUSC Board of Trustees from 1968 until 1980.

Dr. Macaulay’s interest in history and commitment to his profession was recognized with several distinguished achievement awards. In 1974 he received the prestigious Hayden-Harris Award from the American Academy of the History of Dentistry, and in 1980, the SCDA honored his commitment to the association with the George P. Hoffman, Jr. Distinguished Dentist Award.

500x500 500x500 Dr. Macaulay was married to Eliza Singleton Barron with whom he had three children: Neill W. Macaulay Jr., Alexander Macaulay, and Eliza Macaulay Carney. Dr. Macaulay died in 1983.


Neill W. Macaulay at Fort Sumter, Charleston. From the personal scrapbook of Judge Alexander Macaulay.


Neill W. Macaulay's office in Columbia, S.C. From the personal scrapbook of Judge Alexander Macaulay.

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