Thomas Green Clemson Fahnestock

Thomas Green Clemson Fahnestock is thought to be the first dentist in the state to administer nitrous oxide. Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1838, Fahnestock was the nephew of Thomas Green Clemson for whom Clemson University is named. In 1861 Fahnestock graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, where he studied under Chapin A. Harris. At the invitation of his uncle, Dr. Fahnestock moved to Fort Hill, South Carolina, and practiced dentistry in the area. After a short time, Neill W. Macaulay, editor of the Oconee News and father of Dr. Neill W. Macaulay, enticed Dr. Fahnestock to relocate to Walhalla, South Carolina, where he practiced until his retirement in 1917. Dr. Fahnestock was a great influence on young Neill Macaulay and encouraged his interest in the field of dentistry. Dr. Fahnestock died in Walhalla in 1925.

The Macaulay Dental Museum