Artifacts discovered during chapel restoration, 1990-1991.
Installation of trusses, 1992
View of interior of chapel during early stages of reconstruction
“We were concerned about the restoration. We were concerned about being true to the history.” Victor Del Bene, M.D., Chair of the University Chapel Committee, from his 2009 oral history regarding Hurricane Hugo.

The Chapel Restoration Committee held its first meeting on January 11, 1990. Committee members determined that the chapel should be restored as closely as possible to its original state but with the inclusion of many significant improvements. As the building and surrounding areas were cleaned up, and the extent of the damage discovered, the committee recognized that modifications of some elements of the structure and its contents were necessary.

The first estimated cost for the reconstruction was $670,000; however, when taking into account the organ, pews, stained glass, and the other furnishings in the chapel the budget was set at $750,000 to be paid from state insurance with another $250,000 from FEMA. Private donations brought in $289,966 by the time St. Luke’s Chapel was restored.

The Chapel Restoration Committee

Dr. Stephen B. Canaday, Professor of Anatomy, MUSC and Administrator of the Chapel

Catherine Ceips, Director of Volunteer Services, MUSC Medical Center

Dr. Victor Del Bene, Professor of Medicine, MUSC and Chair of the University Chapel Committee

Henry deSaussure Copeland, Porter Military Academy alumnus

James Fisher, Director of Development, MUSC

Dr. William H. Golod, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, MUSC

Berkeley Grimball, Headmaster, Porter-Gaud School

Thomas L. Ilderton, Member and Officer, Porter Military Academy Alumni Association

The Rev. Clark W. Lowenfield, Rector, The Church of the Holy Communion

Dr. Henry F. Martin, III, Associate Professor of Physiology, MUSC

Dr. Isaac S. H. Metcalf, Professor of Anatomy, Emeritus, MUSC

The Rev. Harold Syfrett, Baptist Minister

Dr. Elsie Taber, Professor of Anatomy, Emeritus, and Chair of the original University Chapel Committee

Esther Tecklenberg, community leader

The Rev. Leo Van den Oetellar, S.J., Campus Minister

George F. “Tony” von Kolnitz, IV, Director of Engineering and Facilities, MUSC

Dr. G. Fraser Wilson, Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. W. Curtis Worthington, Jr., Director, Waring Historical Library

Dr. C. Edward Kaylor, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)